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Hybrid Spottings and News

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Interesting report on Facebook today.

anyone able to confirm?

"So I hear from operator badge #7,all the hybrids are being converted to straight diesel for maint. costs."

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Does 6002 still have the blue ETS seats, tv's and other upgrades?

Pretty sure it does, but haven't been on it.

Pardon my question: are the Orion hybrids still kicking around?

(apparently they were up until at least April).

Yes they are still around. One had been sitting out of service for a long time, I think due for battery replacement.

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6005 and 6006 might be done.

It's refurb time for the 2007 D40LFR's, and I can only imagine that would mean it was time for something to happen with those 2 oddballs as well, and when you have 100+ XD's coming in, I can only imagine the simplest option is to retire them rather then refurb 2 relatively unfamiliar buses. 

It's been 3 weeks since they regularly ran (except for a brief escape for 6005 on the 20th), and they haven't shown up on the 2 days of weekday service in September yet.

Time will tell I guess. I'd hazard a guess they might be stored inside Tent C at Ferrier.

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