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Today's Special Sightings

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Today’s specials:


3508 (I think) was on the 46 MARTIN GROVE

8927 was on the 123F  SHERWAY

8896 was on the 45A  K I P L I N G

1130 was on the 44 KIPLING SOUTH

1148 was on the 123  SHERWAY (I think it was on the 123D or 123F). It was at the platform while I was circling the station for a parking spot

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13 minutes ago, blue.bird.fan said:

I guess they had no other buses available. Even if there is range anxiety, a bus is better than no bus, I guess?

Yeah, though 2101 and 2103 were on 55 so they could have used one of those and ran 1914 on 55.

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