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Today's Special Sightings

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1 hour ago, bus_7246 said:


1657 was at Pioneer Village Stn this afternoon. Definitely a long way from home lol

1090 was on the 89  W E S T O N

1657 was getting some Mount Dennis nostalgia :) 

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5 hours ago, TTC7447 said:

TTC 3515 on 7S Bathurst Short Turn to Lawrence.

Arrow helping on Bathurst seems to be the norm these days. There was a 36xx on it as well today along with a 35xx yesterday. 3624 was even on 160 yesterday.

8647 on 61 this afternoon, passing by broken down 8358 at Wilson & Avenue. Looking at GPS data, 8647 was pulled from 34 to cover for 8358 while Wilson got a change-off sorted out.

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Via Transsee: 5147 on the Viva Blue

EDIT: 5103 also inserted onto Blue.

Extremely rare to see a 40 ft bus on Blue which in this case, most likely a cover buses. Due to the snowstorm causing delays along the transit network, some buses are delayed by up to 60 minutes. I don't think there would be much concern accommodating passengers who still need to be out along with reduced ridership. 

The last time I do recall Blue operating with 40 ft regular buses was around 2013 as a cost savings measure during weekends/holidays. Of course that backfired even with a frequency bump because of capacity issues before reverting back to articulated buses. 

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