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Today's Special Sightings

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TTC 3639 and 3519 were on 125 this morning until around 12 pm or so

-3639 was filling in 1 run

-3519 was doing unscheduled while 3639 was on 1 run, 8302 later came onto 2 run, 3519 then took over 3639 as it was done rad, did a few trips until 8393 was able to relieve 3519.

-3639: DSC_0207.thumb.jpg.108cdfd88abcac9f3be40587615bfe20.jpg

EDIT: Seems like 3 buses from Arrow did 125 today, including 8891, which was before 3639 came on to replace it.

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I saw a special bus:


The Durham Region COVID-19 Unit.  In the yard, surprisingly.  I thought it’d be out on the street giving out rapid tests and booster shots.

The things you see when you head down a dead end street to get turned around so you’re on the correct side of the median to get into the gas station…

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