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Today's Special Sightings

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On 11/4/2021 at 8:35 PM, bus_7246 said:

The first special sighting that I’ve remembered to post in a while:

TTC 1134 was on the 111 EAST MALL as a scheduled run for a good portion of today’s afternoon/early evening service

There it is from Thursday afternoon. Rare for the 111 but a few OGs have been on this route in the past month.


1 hour ago, TTC7447 said:

Visual Sighting
TTC 1139 on 985A Sheppard East Express spotted on Sheppard Ave. E near Warden around 7:30ish pm.

Nice to see 1139 in Scarborough.


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8897, 3637 & 3569 were all RADs on the 45  K I P L I N G during the afternoon rush. 3637 didn’t make a full round trip though until it was accompanied and escorted by a supervisor cab a few stops south of Steeles

1128, though parked on the wall, had a 112B  WEST MALL sign up before switching to NOT IN SERVICE

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