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Today's Special Sightings

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2 hours ago, 81-717 said:

9095 on 24A

Yup, spotted it probably earlier that trip.


1502, 3141, 3179 were all out on the 985 this afternoon as well. Excuse the grab-shot of 3179, traffic on Sheppard wasn't giving a lot of options for photos.


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45 minutes ago, bus_7246 said:

Wilson came out to help Mt Dennis today. TTC 8204 was briefly out on the 14 Glencairn/28 Bayview South interline while TTC 8365 was out on the 29 Dufferin

8173 was also on 32 Eglinton West this afternoon 

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Visual Sighting:

TTC 3240 was on the 133 Neilson (spotted at Neilson and Sheppard - bus was heading southbound)

TTC 3225 was on the 131 Nugget (spotted at Sewells/Tapscott and Neilson - bus was heading westbound)

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