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BT 2152 (NewFlyer eBus) is on Route 26 (Block 2601, not that it matters since there's only one block right now...), for the first day of revenue service of eBus in Brampton. 

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3 hours ago, AnalogPentium said:

TTC 8094 is quite literally rattling on the 89 at the moment.

Weston Rd doesn’t do any bus any favours for how bad the road itself is


2 hours ago, 7749 said:

TTC 8205 was on 120

I saw the bus from afar, but was way too far up Jane to see a vehicle number just before the bus turned east on Heathrow 

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There were RADs everywhere in the west end today!


8126 did 3 trips on the 15 Evans route before doing on round on the 26 Dupont

7947 was leaving Jane Stn signed up for the 15 Evans route (I pointed out to the driver just before they crossed Jane heading westbound on Bloor St

3105 is currently reliving the past on the 35 Jane route from a new home (McNicoll) 

8746 is currently on the 79 Scarlett Rd route as well

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An old face from a new place yesterday: TTC 3281 did a few trips yesterday on the 60 Steeles West corridor. I noticed the bus did at least one 60A trip, and one 60D trip as well

3534 was out on the 89 Weston last night

Lastly, 8689 covered the 307 Bathurst night bus 

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