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Today's Special Sightings

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1 hour ago, Xtrazsteve said:

That didn't take long till TTC 8340 to be back on the 52G.

Yesterday there was at least 1 Wilson RAD on 52 at any given time, lol

Today: TTC 1074 was on the 47, and got switched to 54A.

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TTC 8144 was on the 35 Jane this afternoon. I visually caught the bus in a conga like of southbound buses (I forgot the numbers bc I was driving a northbound bus). But it was a new livery VII NG hybrid, old livery VII NG hybrid, 8144 and I think 1012. It was beautiful 

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2 hours ago, TTC103 said:

Was on 124 earlier as well

Yea, it was on 28 run 52, got switched to an unscheduled 124 RAD inbetween, then went back on as 28 run 52.


Arrow in the SS showing the time it did 124, I believe 2 trips.

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40 minutes ago, Young said:

Is this the first time an XE40 been out on a night bus route?


This event supposedly happened (quoted from the Electric bus thread)

On 7/21/2019 at 2:56 AM, H4 5600 said:

3701 entered service on 35, looks like its going on 335 now. This is the first XE40 on a blue night route.



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3 hours ago, AnalogPentium said:

TTC 3490 at Royal York not signed up as anything.


While the driver is probably there for any number of reasons, still noting this since it's not a regular occurrence

I also saw that 3490 on 76

Also 1096 is on 50 Burnhamthorpe

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Multiple RADs throughout the day today:

TTC 1027 this morning did 34A > 28 > 34A > 14 (was switched from 28 back to 34A due to 8691 stalling at Davisville stn)

TTC 1419 was on 96A

TTC 1096 was on 89, later switched to 50 (mentioned above)

TTC 1056 on 40


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Visual sightings:


1395 was on the 26 Dupont this morning, eastbound at Dufferin @ 9:20a

3561 was on the 89 Weston this evening approaching Keele Stn

Edit: 1095 is also on the 89 Weston. The bus just crossed Eglinton heading southbound. A few minutes earlier, 3 Wilson buses in Weston all passed northbound within a minute of each other

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