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ttc 3321 was on 15 evans. it looks like queensway had a shortage of buses for AM rush, considering how many RAD buses were on their routes this morning.

Riiiiiiiight.   You do realize that there are many ways for you to prove that you "own" the bus without giving away it's location, right? Like taking a photo of the builders plate with today

Lol I got a picture of it 

Posted Images

1 minute ago, GTAtransitfan1-Toronto said:

1210 is on the 935
3109 and 3454 are on the 35
3442 and 3519 are on the 60
8512 is on the 100A
8540 is on the 75
8477 is on the 54
8525 is on the 43
8672 is on the 11
8897 is on the 165 (replacing 8638 which was on it earlier)

8638 was a 96, not a 165.

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33 minutes ago, GTAtransitfan1-Toronto said:

8956 is on the 86

It later did the 165 as I tracked it at Steeles and Weston at about 3 today, but I'll take your word for it as it was on the 96

3457 is on the 935

Ah ok, i forgot what time i tracked it, but it was on John Garland at Kipling

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40 minutes ago, bus_7246 said:

Looks like an odd fit, but it seems like this bus is getting ready for a future route (I still can get why the pic uploads on a different angle of how I took it *sigh*)

Another bus doing the same, 1216 is currently on 86D.

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5 hours ago, Ultimate said:

3463 on the 102 is not special... Already told you this bud..

8521 is on the 353

Calm down. The only scheduled Malvern run on the 102 is a single northbound 102A trip in the early morning that becomes a 134C. Yesterday, 3463 was on the 132 for AM rush, so it was not that run, meaning it was likely a RAD bus. No different than anything else you or@GTAtransitfan1-Toronto has been posting in this thread.

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