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ttc 3321 was on 15 evans. it looks like queensway had a shortage of buses for AM rush, considering how many RAD buses were on their routes this morning.

Riiiiiiiight.   You do realize that there are many ways for you to prove that you "own" the bus without giving away it's location, right? Like taking a photo of the builders plate with today

Lol I got a picture of it 

Posted Images

(TTC) Every division is on 35/935 (together) right now. This includes but not limited to:

8323 (Wil)

1404 (Mal)

7954 (Qway)

8543 (Birch)

8793 (Egl)

1590 (MtD)

And obviously Arrow since the route is supposed to be ran by Arrow


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27 minutes ago, bus_7246 said:

More of a really odd sighting than a special sighting: Castleton Ave & Corbett Ave (71 Runnymede northbound stop) bus shelter is showing 34A & 34C arrival times lol

Yea it’s been like that for the past 2 years it’s kinda weird

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