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Today's Special Sightings

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1 hour ago, 7575 said:


Have y'all heard of 9424? I'll tell you. 9424 was purchased by a private owner but foamers found the bus and smashed windows and tagged it with graffiti. I don't want this happening to my bus so you can say whatever you want, I can't stop you. You'll get to see the bus soon enough.


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11 hours ago, 7575 said:

It was someone claiming to be an organizer. I received a phone call from someone saying they were an organizer and that the bus would be a "cool feature". They fully got me. I looked into it and it was some foamer in need of attention. I didn't mean to start an argument I was just under the assumption that they were actually the organizers. I apologize for the drama.

Can you please tell us which foamer gave you the false invite so that we know not to trust him anymore ???

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33 minutes ago, 7575 said:

It was a phone call.



You do realize that there are many ways for you to prove that you "own" the bus without giving away it's location, right? Like taking a photo of the builders plate with today's newspaper.



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This 7575 guy brings back memories of Jim Bowman, aka tovinman and his alleged ownership of a ex Mississauga artic and various other buses (a few assorted Flyer's of various models come to mind) and always had an excuse as to why he couldn't provide photos. All sorts of stories, bad luck, and tall tales.

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11 minutes ago, Orion VI said:

How does he get your phone number?


Anyway,  can we all stop arguing about this now? He's not lying, just somebody deceived him, and he believed them. Lay off. Jeez.

I don't think anyone has been arguing. There just been a lot of constructive feedback based on something that was said that wasn't true. But at this point I think he gets it and that we all learned something from this hopefully. And now hopefully this topic can now go back to discussing "Special Sightings" if it's not too much trouble.

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