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58 minutes ago, Orion VI said:

3 TTC LFS HEVs traveling west on the 401 near Leslie at around 7:10 PM

Not a special sighting 

Post this in Today’s Sightings thread

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Alot of birchmount, Malvern and Eglinton buses are running the GO shuttle between Kennedy and Rouge Hill GO stopping at Guildwood Go. Go transit buses are also being used 

TTC: 1602, 8845, 8565, 8593, 9216, 1526, 8761.  GO: 3001, 2439, 2599, 2465, 2338 is all I spotted today 

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24 minutes ago, 8930 said:


1095 on route 12 Kingston Rd.

12D branch to be exact

4 minutes ago, transportationtoronto said:

Alot of these RADs seem to be on birchmount routes. Anything going on there??

I believe theres problems with VISION at Birchmount and Malvern atm. Not 100% sure though

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