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Today's Special Sightings

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  • 3 weeks later...

I can confirm that I did see them.  I saw 1095 and 1096. 1095 was on layover near Mcdonalds on Bathurst and Steeles.  I saw 1096 at Drewry and Bathurst going Northbound.

Sorry for the pic. Didnt have enough time to actually get out and take a proper one. 

DSC_0001.JPG(1095 on Layover)

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7 hours ago, Crescent Transit 54 said:

Yesteady 9128 was on 96 S Wilson school trip


I think it's a daily appearance until they change the schedule. This run is simply run 93 on the 36 Finch West. It only goes from Keele to Jane. A very short trip before heading up Jane to start it's PM rush trips on the 36F.

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