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20 minutes ago, Basket said:

I could give a 3rd TRY Lol but probably not

Just so you know. If your account has been deleted and you feel like coming back. You are free to make a new account.

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10 minutes ago, Imgursdownvote4love said:

You can't. That's what this thread is for

This thread has been very useless. So many members here wanted their accounts deleted but most are still here.

I say this thread should just be closed and members who want to be removed should just simply PM an admin.

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3 hours ago, M. Parsons said:

Lol. You two are sounding like a pair of foamy kids. 

"I quit" 

"Me too"

*basketcase changes avatar to say his account is no longer active, yet keeps posting in the TTC thread*

"I might actually stay"

"Me too but probably not"

Leave or not up to you (unless admin forces that decision, and one can only hope they will) but if you leave we don't have to worry about such bullshit as "3700 will be out this afternoon" which naturally was false.

Sounds like Brexit. So is it stay or go? Make up your mind!

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In the end this thread is completely useless and should either be deleted itself or locked...

If one would like to leave and the only way to do it is through Admin action, guess the best is PMing an Admin.

You should know better. xD

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I know I'm bringing something that's from one and 1/2 years, but then maybe should help.

About the said 'foamers', it's true that it's an annoying experience with them and so on, particularly if they just spend their time shadowing you wherever you post.

The best way around is, you CAN JUST IGNORE THEM, by throwing the command 'ignore' on them, including blocking them from PMing you with their poisoning messages.

Others will eventually see what those blockheads say, but then remember that once you give importance to what they say, you just fell right down to their ground scraping level, and obviously you don't want to.

Remember, "arguing with someone who renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead."

This just to say one shouldn't quit this forum just because of some bonehead trying to turn his life to hell; just put up a 'fence' the admins have provided you with, and voila...

They even grow tired and give it up; if all of us just simply stop arguing with whoever prefers the 'hardcore fanboy act', then they will much likely get lost, maybe even flocking to this thread to have their accounts removed.

Any admin, I'm very sorry if I stepped on your toes, I'd accept the consequences if necessary, but I just had to, in a bid to help anyone.

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Dear CPTDB Admins,

Please delete my CPTDB account.  I don't want to be on social media anymore which includes this discussion board.

Thank You. 

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