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Buses in the RAIN!

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P8101 at Coquitlam Station back in February 2006:


B8023 before being refurbished, on route 43 in April 2006:


2854 on route 8 in downtown Vancouver, November 2006:


As you can see, it rains at just about any time of the year in Vancouver!

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BT refurbished Orion VI 9642.

Unfortunately it was on high ISO mode, hence the grain.

Orion VIs look strange to me with those kind of destination signs. I guess it's because I'm use to the TTCs retired VIs which had Luminator MegaMaxs

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Here are a few of mine.............

Novabus test-bus P1002 at Poco Station..........night shot taken under shower-style rain:


Translink E40LFR #2204 at downtown in the rain:


Pacific Blue Cross ad-wrap bus P7249 white-balanced night shot in the rain:




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This was not in the rain, but it was about 10 minutes after the freak hail storm at around 3:20-3:30 today. It took just 10 minutes for the sun to come back out :)

NICE! Sounds like Calgary area weather... Hail storms, then beautiful sunny within minutes! The saying goes in the Calgary area "Don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes!"

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