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Today's Sightings

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After two weeks of much deserved vacation, I decided to come in and do a little overtime on my off day. I merely did some extras

  • 20704 on 532 Centennial AM (1 regular 1 extra)
  • 20904 on 660 Antoine-Brossard PM (2 regulars 1 extra)
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37-089 zoomed right past me this AM on the 171, because it was full. That's at 10:05 am... I settled for 30-878 on the 121.

On 11/12/2021 at 11:18 PM, Frozen Yogurt said:

Today: 29-803 was on the 121, but got replaced by 31-860 :(. I took 37-095 on the 121E.

29-803 ended up on the same run today. I was planning on taking it later in the day, but it broke down again and got replaced by 31-840. I took 37-102 on the 171 instead.

33-811 and 826 were on the 121 as well, both not tracking.

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Caught 36-044 towed on highway 40 this morning going towards CT AN after being inactive since June 2020. Probably fixed by now. 

31-026 was on the 99 this morning not tracking, later on 29-039 replaced him around 9:00. 

28-002 doing the 41 around 15:00

41-031 ET this morning and 034 doing 141 extra this afternoon 

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1 hour ago, @nthony2005 said:


27-020 on the 44, with strange exterior numbers in the front!  


The front was rebuilt, but that photo looks weird. The bus looks crooked around the front wheel and the front door.

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I took 29-804 on the 121 this morning. One of the rare delights possible up here. Also took 29-001 on the 144, it has a BC-55 folding seat across the door instead of the folding 6468 double bench.

27-024 was on the 24-E at Sherbrooke, not tracking.

30-255 was on the 121ISL this evening; I took 29-851 on the following trip.

30-010 was deadheading via St-Laurent near Sauvé. Stinson seems to be losing these 30 series to Legendre.

31-168 was on the 171 run 35. Probably the 3rd time I see it on this exact run already, which never seems to get anything other than ISL9s.

Finally, I took Azur trainset 70 on the orange line this evening. Should be the newest in service.

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