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Today's Sightings

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Yesterday afternoon:

28-060 did the 180-O, not tracking still.

Today afternoon:

29-844 was on the 121, not tracking. The side destination sign was off. 30-031 was deadheading on Côte-Vertu. 

Transdev sent 8587(xx)x on the 499. It still says Carignan on the side of the bus, so it was at some point assigned to CRC. Also spotted all black MCI 814009 on the same route.

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29-802 was parked at Saint-Michel metro station for a few minutes. It was empty and had its hazards warning light on, then later on tracked :huh:

28-017 doing the 193 with a little detour between viau and de nice. 28-055 doing the 67 in the afternoon 

29-147 on the 41 not tracking 

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30-807 and 847 were on the 121 in the morning, both not tracking. I took 28-116 on the 171 LE extra! Nice ride. 27-503 was on the 107.

I took 30-838 on the 121 in the evening, also not tracking!


31-804 was on the 121, still not tracking. I also had a pleasant ride with 28-058 on the 54.

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Looks like the 171LE I took twice with a 28 series may has returned to its usual dullness with some 31 series today, so I took 31-806 on the 121 instead. It seems like they selectively dispatch even the artics... so far it's the oldest one I have taken on this particular run... pretty disappointing. It also smelled of exhaust inside.

On another note, the run time on the 121 seems to be exaggeratedly generous in the mornings. We still ended up arriving at Sauvé on time despite waiting around for nothing for about 2-3 minutes every few stops.

Caught 32-804 this evening on the 121, not tracking... very rough and slow ride on it. The engine shrieks a lot while accelerating, and the rear door has problems opening: it would get stuck for about 5 seconds and then slam open. 

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Hey guys, unfortunately I had to drive Longueuil bus 21420 on St-Hubert routes 3, 21 and 121 in pm rush yesterday but when I ran it back in to GASH, the vehicle was put aside to be shunted back to GALO along with 21903. There were a few accessibility violations last pm rush as well particularly on the 3 and 6 with 2008 amd 2009 units, the usual dispatcher is not there so obviously the replacements are not exactly on the ball when it comes to respecting ramp equipped buses. Oh well nobody died right.

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28-057 ended the 193 this evening, 28-084 also on it today! 

28-080 was doing the 54 this evening, leaving Cremazie metro station 

28-122 on the 139 this afternoon :huh:

28-066 41 , 30-096 192, 39-054 188 all not tracking 

Caught 28-029 doing the 460 around 7:45

MR 30-070 doing the 192 this evening also from metro creamazie

24-291,24-301,24-304,25-241 still parked at CT LE! 


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I took 28-068 on the 54 today. 38-050 was parked ET in front of the Crémazie complex.

Along René-Lévesque, I spotted 29-123 on the 150, and 31-004 on the 747, not tracking. Took a short ride on 30-020 on the 747 as well.

Later, spotted 30-012 on the 171 (still not tracking, of course), 30-023 on the 128 and 30-025 on the 171. Also spotted 28-082 on the 171E, 28-049 and 081 on the 171, all LE extras.

40-152 was on the 121E (SL extra). I've noticed that they never programmed the "Ecole" P/R message for the rear signs on those new Luminators.

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