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Today's Sightings

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22 hours ago, ReusableNoseTissue said:

I took 30-001 about two weeks ago and it did not have a luggage rack.

Good to know. I spotted two of them again today: 30-010 on the 171 and 30-008 on the 128, both not tracking. 

I took 28-058 on the 54 today. It was pretty loud and ran nicely. It's rather uncommon to see Legendre sending old buses on long runs. 28-079 was on the 192 at Crémazie, it has a second priority triangle on the rear window (see picture attached).

27-503 was on the 107 this afternoon. There are even more detours on it now, as it came along Dr. Penfield heading east, and seems to have taken Park avenue heading south. 27-020 was on the 410.

Later, at Côte-Vertu, there was 29-037 on the 121I SD extra and 28-112 on the 170. I took 30-811 on the 121.



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No real personal sightings today, but I met an old lady who happened to be on RTC's 1065 when it burnt down, and she told me it was louder than usual prior to the fire. Strangely enough, I had the same observation about 0953 when I rode on it a few months before that one caught on fire.

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On 9/7/2021 at 9:40 PM, Gerbil said:

Skyport 420-204 was doing the Concordia shuttle today. It has luggage racks, so it's probably meant for use on their airport contracts.


Also, I noticed on FleetStats that STL 1604 was reactivated. It was a test bus being converted to a plug in hybrid, and it hasn't been active for years. I think 1603 was also part of this project.

Here's an article with a photo from 2017:


Something to keep an eye out for.

Isn't it weird how cummins were able to import one of their european engine into north america, which respects the compliant... or...

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I took Stinson's 29-813 on the 121 this morning. 30-019 followed us on the 171.

STL 2122 was deadheading on Côte-Vertu (snapped a pic since it stopped for the traffic light).

In the evening, I spotted 28-094 deadheading on Crémazie. I took 27-525 on the 54 and thoroughly enjoyed it. In particular, St-Laurent was closed to northbound traffic beyond Legendre, and the bus detoured inside CT Legendre. The Réchaud bus was parked inside the building; 28-005 and 29-021 were parked outside near the park.

30-012 and 30-025 were on the 128. The former is still not tracking.



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This morning:

30-019 was on the 171 still with racks. It zoomed right past the bus stop with people waiting, and it looked like it was full to the doors already. I waited for 30-849 on the 121 and didn't get on it either: it was also full to the max. Finally got on 37-082 on the 171. Pretty bad considering both lines come every 12-14 min at this time of the day already.

28-705 and 28-064 were on the 107.

This afternoon:

30-231 was supposed to do the 18:07 121ISL, but it never showed up. I took 31-850 on the much more crowded than usual regular 121.

30-021 was on the 128.

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Spotted 27-021 on the 178 this morning. 30-012 was on the 171, of course still not tracking. I took 27-513 on the 107.

Also spotted SJSR 310621 (4th gen LFS) going SB on R.-Bourassa.

This afternoon, there was 30-016 on the 747 and 38-014 on the 150 with black Helvetica front numbers. At Crémazie, I spotted 28-116 and 28-093 ET. I had great pleasure with 28-095 on the 54 and saw 29-147 on the other direction.

30-024 was on the 171 and 30-022 was on the 128.

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Hi everybody... this AM, they needed an extra on the 901 am departure of the 1 (for the private schools on Tiffin) so I whipped out accessibility violation 20722 for a fin de parcours trip. Do not worry, a 2020 bus was tailing me 1 minute later.

For anyone chasing BYD, today only the 284 has 32093. For the record, yesterday we were 0 for 5, no BYD for 294. Unsure about 208.

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