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Today's Sightings

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I took 37-024 on the 100-O in the morning. Contrary to the indications on the STM press release, the 100 keeps using the St-Louis / Gohier stop instead of going into the bus loop at Du Collège.

30-006 was on the 171 and 30-851 was on the 121, both not tracking. The 121Is are finally back in action and I took 29-004 on the SD-operated departure in the afternoon. 31-213 was deadheading on CV to start the 54. Later, spotted banana light 32-030 doing a U-turn near Stinson and Montpellier while on the 128.

Finally, spotted STL 0605 and a 17xx hybrid on the first day of 713 shuttle. The destination signs haven't been programmed, so the buses bore a piece of paper with a handwritten 713 instead. It was quite the mess at CV as well: the sudden back to normal bus operations there coupled with road constructions meant that there were buses parked all over the places.


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I just took 1265 on the 801 and it was making a buzzing sound at the front. I'm not sure if it was due to a small fan the driver had to refresh themselves or if it was a mechanical problem with the bus.

EDIT: A similar buzzing sound was on 1655 (LFSA HEV), so it's not a fan, though it may be the cooling fan working overtime in this 40C+ heat.



More August 24th sightings:

- 15xx hybrids are starting to get limited to peak service, as I saw L1501 and L1503

- The oldest bus I saw on the Québec side was RTC L0832. It seems as though either the buses from 2003 to 2007 are stored for the summer or they are retired for good (unlikely to be the latter, though). The oldest bus I saw on the Lévis side was 0701, which is their oldest overall.

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Wednesday: STL 2058 was deadheading on A-15 for the 151.

Yesterday: after checking the 129, 144 (and even 54) and seeing only 30-1xx / 31 series, I took 40-052 on the 107 in the morning. After all those time, the 107 has became unrecognizable so much it veers off its original routing. I took 30-184 on the 144 later though... 30-169 was on the 121I SL extra, too bad it's a front ramp designated run (so no 28 series on it).

Today: 30-810 was on the 121 this morning, not tracking. I took 29-823 on it.

In the afternoon, I tried the new 100-E with 37-033. Not a good idea at all, we spent 12 minutes moving from de la Savane to the corner of Lucerne (2 stops), and the traffic was very intense along the rest of A-40 as well (nothing new, of course). We left de la Savane on time but arrived at Crémazie over 20 minutes late. I don't know if it has always been like that, since I never used the 100 or 460 before the pandemic.

At Crémazie: 31-236 was on the 54, 30-006 was on the 100 (still not tracking), 31-104 came as the 52 and left as the 135, 31-034 was on the 52 (front sign saying "52 De Lièg"). I took 28-095 on the 135 (not tracking either), and spotted 28-050 on the 193, 37-061 on the 146 and 31-221 on the 171 full to the doors. Saw 28-114 on the 117 as well.

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30-166 was on the 200 today, not tracking. 

31-220 broke down at St-Jacques / Guy. 

I checked out the RTL's electric BYD's today. 32091 and 32092 were on the 294, I took 32091. Nothing much to say about the ride, not super impressive but not bad either. We'll see how well these things hold up in the future I guess.  




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Caught 40-058 on the 107 today. 27-535 was the previous bus but I missed it. Seems like Lasalle is very specific about which run gets older buses. The run of the departure before mine (27-535 today) had mostly received 29 series, and the one after mine (40-225 today) never got anything older than a 40 series so far, despite being similar in length.

Spotted 31-095 on the 430 (tripper).

There seems to be a lot of 33 series at Legendre at this moment. I came out at CV this evening to find two 33 series laying over on the 121. I had the choice between 33-830 and 37-057 on the 171 so I chose the latter.

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