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Today's Sightings

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Yesterday, 30-809 and 31-012 were parked outside Stinson.

Today. 30-010 was on the 810 in the morning, and 28-103 was on the 117. I took 30-870 on the 121 this afternoon, with a piece of laminated paper stuck between two windows with a sticker saying "Conservez votre titre validé" at the back. The ibus screens were off on it.

37-074 was on the 171. The driver side rear panel housing the brake lights has extra holes on it, looking somewhat similar to the newer natural gas units Calgary got. Following photo taken from http://www.kevinsbusrail.com/ct/novabus/2019/8395rear.jpg for illustration purposes.


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I took 31-168 on the 171 this morning... and I was very disappointed to find out there was absolutely no AC in this bus. I should have taken 29-845 which was tailgating it... I took 29-825 on the 121 later.

Spotted 28-039 on the 475 in the afternoon.

Finally, the electric minibus 41-591 was at Côte-Vertu around noon.

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Yesterday: I managed to take 28-009 on the 171 in the morning! It was the same run that 28-081 did during its brief visit to Stinson a few weeks ago. 30-025 was also on it. 33-831 was on the 121 that I gladly skipped.

30-881 passed by on a tow truck near Côte-Vertu station.

In the afternoon, I took 29-801 on the 121, not tracking. This one runs pretty well despite feeling somewhat rough, and the Faraday bells are pleasing to hear.

Today: I took 31-095 on the 171 in the evening, not tracking. I was hoping for anything but a 31 series... Interestingly, I haven't taken an air conditioned bus since July 30th despite taking the 121 (obviously no A/Ced buses on it) or 171 daily.

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I managed to get a good amount of 2nd gen today on my visit to NDG: 28-030 on the 17, 26-028 and 040 on the 63 (one of them is AV). The 63 was spectacular today, being served entirely by rockets when I was there... wow!

I also managed to grab an empty 30-025 on the 810 on my way back, since everyone got on the previous bus that left seconds before mine (some 40 series). Also got 29-837 with the chevron-styled seat insert motif on the 121.

Spotted 31-095 on the 105 as well, still not tracking.

I took Azur trainset #68 on the orange line today. This is the highest one I have seen so far.

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That 30-256 isn't tracking again... I spotted 29-801 (121) and 31-095 (213) again today, not tracking as well. Meanwhile I managed to avoid 31-191 this morning by taking 37-103, and 31-813 this evening by taking 37-063, both on the 171.

Airport runners 30-017 and 29-150 were on the 810. 28-018 was on the 17 and 40-189 pulled into the southern terminus at Côte-Vertu displaying PROGRAMME Ok.

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28-094 was on the 460 this morning.

Anjou's 31-045 was on the 161 this afternoon.

26-001 has resurfaced parked outside St. Denis. 

In a shocking twist no one expected this early, 26-010 is now retired from service. Farebox is removed and the mirror harness is just hanging off the bus. :(


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I skipped 31-809 on the 121 and 32-029 on the 171 and waited for 37-028 on the 171 in the morning. 

29-857 was on the 121, the rear sign was stuck saying 467. I took 29-826 on it later. 30-172 arrived as the 64 saying "64 Gre" at the front. 28-044 was on the 475. I saw 31-095 again, on the 128.


My luck with those 31 series brought me 31-813 (another Stinson artic...) and 31-058 this morning. I waited until 37-054 showed up on the 171 to avoid both again. I took 30-849 in the afternoon.

26-078 was parked outside SN in the evening, near 41-043.

31-004 was on the 128 RF, run 0101.


1 hour ago, Matt Demers said:

26-001 has resurfaced parked outside St. Denis. 

I'm pretty sure that one has spent many months parked outside SD earlier this year as well...

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Saw 28-101 on the 200 on Tuesday. Just like 28-100, it now has the push bar rear doors.

Wednesday night / Thursday morning:

Caught 26-079 on the 355, not tracking, run 355-26.

Thursday afternoon:

Mont Royal's 30-051 was on the 107X with black rear exterior fleet numbers.

Thursday night / Friday morning:

Got St Denis' 26-009 on 355-26.



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Mont Royal's 26-070 was on the 81 not tracking.

28-059 was also on the 81, not tracking.

26-037 was on the 187, another one that does not track.

Mont Royal's 27-019 was on the 32 and their 26-056 on the 192 this evening. Front end has big fleet numbers.

St. Denis' 26-009 was on the 49 this evening, got on it.

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1 hour ago, ReusableNoseTissue said:

40-232 was on the 77 this evening. This may be the last bus to run this route as it will be removed from the fall schedule.

Last day of the signature "Lionel-Gr", got on it on the EB departure at 15:36.

I also took 37-008 on the 810 and 29-818 on the 100. I'm not sure if the new 100 routing allows artics. Even if it does, it seems to interline very heavily with other routes, so it might be a less common sight.




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