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Today's Sightings

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30-802 came 3 minutes early this morning on the 121, so I had to have fun with 39-003 on the 171 instead. Caught 30-875 on the 121 later in the day, not tracking. This one sounds pretty bad.

36-009 was on the 810.

Caught 28-017 on the 171 in the evening (finally), with electronic bells instead. Ironically, it was the only 2nd gen at the Henri-Bourassa loop the whole time I was there. 36-050 was on the 49.

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26-063 is parked outside Anjou with no front windshield. 

Frontenac's 26-052 is also parked at Anjou. 

26-041 is parked outside Frontenac.

26-056 was on the 97. This bus seems to be glued to the 97! 😅

27-006 was on the 141.

26-010 was on the 18. Has a new smaller Priorite sign over the bigger older faded one.

27-536 was on the 189.

Mont Royal's 27-030 and Frontenac's 26-033 were both on the 211. 27-030 has a roaring fan sound when it accelerates. Got on both!

30-016 was on the 747 with racks still there.

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I took Frontenac rocket 26-057 on the 211-E around 12:25. Great ride and driver; it only took 11 minutes to get from Gare Dorval to Lionel-Groulx.

Other rockets at LaSalle: 26-033 on the 496 and 27-024 on the 405.

STL 0801 was on the 144, not tracking. Rare for a STL bus.

I took 28-072 on the 68-O at 18:40, also not tracking. Common at the STM though. 

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This afternoon. 

31-849 and 29-813 passed by together on the 470. I don't think it's remotely frequent anymore, so one of them must be very late.

31-168 was on the 171. I don't think the A/C works in it, just like 31-821/822, sinec all the windows were wide open.

I finally managed to catch 29-804 on the 121. Its interior is quite unusual, for instance there's no double poles in the artic joint. It has very loud and irritating electronic bells à la 31-8xx though...

STL 0509 was on the 151.

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• FR’s 26-034 was on the 109 this morning.

• FR’s 27-024 was on the 113 at around noon.

• 30-002 was on the 37 at around noon. It does not have a luggage rack anymore.

• I took FR’s 26-035 on the 104 early this afternoon. Their 26-057 was on the 138 at the same time.

• I got on 29-031 on the 179 this evening. Some of its seats have the old blue leather padding.

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Caught 28-081 on the 171 this morning! Also, 37-079 was on the 171E just before my departure and 31-003 was on the 213.

Midday, 40-910 was ET on Côte-de-Liesse near CT SN.

In the afternoon, I got 29-804 on the 121 again. 30-022 was on the 171. On the 499 shuttle, transdev sent an all black MCI 814009.

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Took former airport runner 30-010 on the 171 this morning.

From this afternoon:

Caught 29-803 on the 121. It still has the Faraday bells. It doesn't have the big fat Venturi exhaust pipe.

30-875 was on the 470.

ex-MR 37-088 was on the 171.

30-006 was also on the 171, not tracking. It no longer has the luggage racks as well, which leaves only 30-008 to be verified at Stinson.

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I saw 37-081 on the 810 in the morning. I wouldn't be surprised if Stinson takes back all the 37-series from Mont-Royal.


38-039 was parked at Terminus Côte-Vertu with a technician's truck parked behind. It seemed that there was an issue with one of the parts for the plexiglass. The bus was supposed to do the 15:05 departure (17-S) from CV, but it seems that 38-085 filled in instead (doing the 17 renfort).

Legendre's 31-069 and 31-202 were doing the SPS from Du Collège.

37-060 was on the 171 school extra in the morning. Strange that there is a school extra in the summer.

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I got 26-057 again, on the 405-E at 14:35.

26-035 was on the 191.

26-023, 32-007, and 36-003 showed up at Lionel-Groulx to do SPS to Du Collège around 15:10. They ended up coming for nothing though since the orange line resumed service very shortly after. Still, was interesting to see buses from garages foreign to Lionel-Groulx there.

26-034 was on the 350.

I took 28-701 on the 354-O at 27:19. It was change off for 29-143 earlier. 

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Got 29-834 on the 121 this morning, not tracking. 30-225 was also on the 121.

Later, saw 28-072 on the 196 and 30-015 on the 171, missing the big ring of the exhaust pipe. Caught 30-811 on the 121 with chevron wraps in very bad conditions: one can't even see the basic shapes of objects outside because it's so blurry (see pics below).

All white MCI 8587239 was on the 499 shuttle.


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