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Today's Sightings

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30-002 also has the luggage racks removed, spotted on the 191 and 107 tonight.

I took Mont Royal 27-030 on the 405-E at 14:35.

26-031 211, 26-041 61, 26-044 107, 26-051 211, 26-072 ET Gare Dorval, 26-086 191.

31-185 was on the 358 with a Vizzy seltzer wrap.

Legendre's 31-050 was on the 355.

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Typo: 31-185 has the wrap and not 31-158.
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There's always a fair amount of 28 series at Côte-Vertu... kind of jealous. For instance, 28-010 was on the 810 this morning and 28-109 was on the 177 this afternoon. 28-008 was on the 177 yesterday afternoon... all used to be at Stinson last year.

30-009 was on the 128 all day. 

31-213 was on the 810 in the afternoon, it still has the racks.

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At CV this morning: airport duo 30-008 ET still with racks and 31-002 on the 213. Seems like all the airport runners at AN are coming back to SN now some don't have the racks anymore. 37-013 was full on the 171 being about 10 min behind schedule, and 30-872 was on the 121 not tracking.

30-022 was on the 810 later in the day. As usual tons of 2nd gens are out on SL routes, including 28-028 on the 64 and 28-043 on the 177.

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39-050 was on the 44 still with its experimental cameras.

Legendre's 31-129 was parked at Radisson as the 86. uFnx2.gif

Mont Royal's 26-059 was on the 141 this afternoon with no right side ad rack.

27-027 was also on the 141. Not tracking.

26-003 and 26-008 were both on the 18.

Frontenac's 26-036 was on the 189.

30-142 broke down near Honore-Beaugrand Metro.

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Yesterday. 31-211 was on the 171 all day... Good job Stinson for a Sunday!

Today. 30-024 was on the 171, and 30-017 still with racks was on the 213 this morning. As usual there are some 28 series on SL routes: 28-018 on the 177, 28-021 on the 174 and 28-107 on the 215.

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26-042 on the 78 and 26-085 on the 496 were parked together at Lionel-Groulx this morning. 

29-126 was on the 15. 

31-217 was assisting on the 165 as a renfort. Still has the racks. There was also 40-035 helping out on the 105. 

30-218 and 39-023 were on the 51. 

27-518 was on the 420 not tracking. Also not tracking was 26-052, which has moved to Anjou and did the 189. 

29-821 and 31-829 were on the 80.

31-031 was on the 189 and 31-068 was on the 33. Inversely, 26-062 was on the 193 and 28-001 on the 460.

29-048 was on the 487, 37-039 on the 141, and 28-065 on the 28.

If it wasn't mentioned, 31-057 and 078 also have the Tellement Montreal wrap. 

30-051 has black rear exterior fleet numbers while 38-014 has black front exterior numbers. 

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Yesterday morning. 28-100 was on the 468, with push-bar doors now. 28-040 was on the 216.

Today. First foreign (40-ft) bus at Stinson in almost a month: 30-247 was on the 171. 28-080 was on the 18 and rebuilt 26-055 was on the 136.

28-093 was doing driver training on Lebeau.

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