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Today's Sightings

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Yesterday: FEB 27,2021 

- LE 31-111 was on the SL 215

- Spotted FR 26-072 on the AN 192

-I saw 39-050 on the highway near Saint-Laurent going towards North 

-Lasalle 28-065 was in Anjou yesterday (not tracking) 

Today: FEB 28,2021

-FR 26-038 was on the AN  26 

-ST 37-001 was on the 189 

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-ST 31-813 was on the LE 67 this morning

-Spotted the FR 31-080 on the LE 140 this afternoon. Big exterior fleet numbers 

-FR 31-164 was on the LE 469 

- I pasted by AN garage and saw 28-122 coming out and strangely going back inside 🤔

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• I avoided taking 39-007 on the 105-E at around 14:40, and took 40-089 on the 138 instead. I later had to take 39-006 on the 105-O at about 19:50. Quite odd that there were multiple airport buses on all-day 105 runs (fortunately).


• AN 39-116 was on the 105 this evening.

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-ST 31-217 (airport bus) was on the AN 44

-AN 26-080 was on the SD 92 midday

-FR 26-068 was on the AN 432 this evening 

-MR 30-051 was in the AN 44 this evening 

-SL 28-131 was on the LE 460 express in the afternoon 


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Spotted lots of buses doing extras today:

  • 30-086 was on the 15, MR extra.
  • 30-226 was on the 30, LE extra.
  • 29-069 was on the 213, SL extra.
  • 38-097 was on the 427, FR extra.

Ex-SL 28-092 was on the 215. Funny that in the past two and a half years, this bus moved to many garages: Anjou, then Saint-Denis, then Stinson at some point, then Legendre. Now it appears back at Saint-Laurent!

29-858 was on the 121 with a glitchy front display.

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-ST airport bus 31-219 was on the AN 44 today. 4 ST airport buses in Anjou :blink:

-Lasalle 28-053 was on the AN 44 the whole afternoon 

-LE 31-125 doing the AN 141 midday

- FR 26-023 on the AN 141 too

- Spotted LE 31-040 on the AN 141 this evening ! 


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There were many rockets downtown this afternoon, it was quite a pleasure to see all those. Quite a change from the dullness on SN/LE routes.

- 26-035 was on the 125.
- 27-022 was on the 185.

- 25-206 was parked ET on René-Lévesque / Drummond.
- 25-236 and 244 were ET, later 25-244 became the 410.
- 25-245 was on the 427.
- 26-043 was on the 150.
- 26-046 was on the 410.
- 26-026 was on the 430.
- 26-073 was on the 168.

Finally, 26-069 was ET on Côte-Sainte-Catherine. This one hasn't tracked in a while.

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I took 30-077 on the 15, MR extra. It has an old banner in the back.


Also, 27-511 was on René Lévesque signed as the 12, but it was actually on the 430. Blurry picture, sorry.



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- I saw SL 28-113 doing the LE 460 

-ST airport bus 39-012 was on the LE 460 this evening 

-ST 37-039 on the AN 33 

- Spotted FR 26-061 on the AN  33 tonight 

-FR 26-038 was doing the AN 141 !! Beautiful engine 

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57 minutes ago, eclair14 said:

SL bus on a SL route ... just normal IMO

28-088 to 095 were St-Denis units last year. At the beginning of this year, they moved to Stinson and now are all at Legendre instead. So it's technically a LE bus on a SL route.

On an aside, I'm not a big fan of them at Legendre. They barely use these old buses at all, sometimes only sending them out doing one trip per day. I hope the 193 going back to 40 footer will help...


37-094 was on the 171 tonight, not tracking.

30-104 was on the 171 midday.

28-132 was En Transit outside Stinson garage midday, presumably waiting to be used for renfort. It didn't track on anything though.

40-123 was parked inside the garage, at the spot usually occupied by 40-901.

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On 3/5/2021 at 11:20 PM, eclair14 said:

SL bus on a SL route ... just normal IMO

Ah but 28-093 is an ex-SL bus (formerly an SL bus but it belongs to another division now).


31-057 was on the 171, it was pretty filled up with passengers on board.

37-073 was on the 128, with the front display showing 128 Ville-St-Laurent (on one line). It did not seem to have tracked. I saw 37-013, also on the 128. It displayed "128 Ville-Saint-Laurent" with two lines for the route name.

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