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Today's Sightings

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Yes sir! 935 for example.

For the record, more high floor buses are now on 24 Sherbrooke because of the service increase that happens when it isn't summertime.

Anjou's 25-204 was one of the good LFS on the 24 today... plenty of garbage LFS of the first generation that sound more like dump trucks than buses... I think to my self for F***'s sake why couldn't we have S50EGR buses than this Cummins crap.

25-204? Do you mean 24-204? The ISC engine are always awful.

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Legendre's 16-028 was doing the 535 today.

Frontenac's 14-054 which was doing the 410, has a tinted rear window with the Priorite shield.

Legendre's 22-203 was doing the 150 this afternoon.

16-001 was doing the 410.

Saw the STM's 3rd newest bus (unless there haven't been more 26's) on the 535, it's back at SD!

St. Laurent's 21-264 was doing the 57

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Someone from the MdeM fourm saw 26-046 today doing various Anjou routes all day.

My friend got on 26-046 today. When he got on, it has 235 km on it! :P


Anjou's 12-086 was doing the 139. I missed it. :(

12-077 was doing the 460. Missing that one again made my morning worse. ;)

18-089 was doing the 192. Missed this one too. :P

15-070 was doing the 161.

Frontenac's 18-010 was doing the 93 today. Something odd happened: the bus suddenly "dropped" and budged at the same time. Ah, nothing like a problem prone LFS...

15-074 was doing the 535.

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  • 14-075 HORS SERVICE on the 25 at 6h09, had the R-BUS disk
  • 26-043 deadheading to H.-Beaugrand HORS SERVICE at 15h40
  • 26-044 doing the 189X at 15h45
  • 17-061 doing the 187 at 15h45, was marked "187 NOTRE-DAME"

Got pics of both 26s and 17-061 is the one with the STCUM logos above the windows.

BTW, I don't want to sound like I'm whining but, I thought that this thread was for OUR sightings, not ones from friends and members of other forums. :P But that's just me. :P

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We're supped to get 26-001 to 26-076. I talked with a garage foreman yesterday, at St-Laurent, and he said that we're supposed to get some new buses at St-Laurent too. We'll see...

So I guess this is the end then for the 59s at SL???? :D

I guess this is the time to get out there and bus fan like crazy!

Anjou's GFI-equiped 25-201 was doing the 24 today

Also Anjou's GFI-equiped 25-246 was doing the 12

Smartassness 24-249 was doing the 24.

Wow!! :D

Are there ever alot of Anjou 25s at Lasalle!!! This is crazy!!! :P:P

EDIT: 21-264 was doing the 106 this afternoon while Cavalier High School kids were crushloading it. (and who knows what else)

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Sightings from yesterday and technically today before I hit the 401.

Last night 22-355 was on the 15. I wonder if FR would run it on the Pie-IX nightbus... smartassness!

2:30 am departures from Atwater: 22-336 on 371 (got on), 22-419 on 350, and 22-301 on 356.

3 am departures from Cote-Vertu: 21-253 on 382 (got on).

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Smartassness 24-247 was doing, well you know!

In the span of 2 mins at Villa-Maria bus loup around 3:45, about 15 buses went through. Thats the most buses I've ever seen at Villa-Maria!!! Most of the buses were doing a shuttle from a high school so they left after arriving V-M.

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15-105 was doing the 93 today along with 17-022 and 17-138 at the same time! The 93 always has 2 buses on weekends...

12-093 doing the 92...today! :o Seeing this bus run on the weekend is awesome!

Recently rebuilt and repainted 13-074 was doing the 80.

14-098 was doing the 80 with the sides repainted.

14-107 was doing the 55, still missing the 1 in 14.

St. Laurent's 23-223 was doing the 141 today.

St. Denis's 18-028 and 18-080 were doing the 141 as well.

Brand spankin' new 26-051 was on the 141 tonight, I got on it. :P

14-152 was doing the 141.

22-354 was doing the 139.

22-358 was doing the 139 too with no website on the back.

22-350 was doing the 85.

Phew, that's it for today! :P

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Sept 1st 2006

- 12-005 is definitely at Legendre. Was on 460 with his new farebox.

- 12-045 is inside SL garage for a few weeks but it is out of service. A window on the passenger side had been removed, so as the Tournée Indicator. But it still has the new farebox and the original R-Bus arrow.

- 13-100 was inside SL garage

- Legendre 14-016 was doing an extra on 202

- 14-050 on route 175 with a new farebox. Extra from Legendre?

- 14-080 on route 108 (Yes, St-Laurent has an extra on that route)

- 14-086 was inside SL garage

- 14-175 is still at SL. Saw it on the 68. Old farebox.

- 14-181 was inside SL garage

- 15-118 has been towed away from Côte-Vertu around 10 PM.

- 16-032 was at SL all-day long. Saw it on the 17 in the morning and 164 in the afternoon. New farebox.

- Lasalle 17-037 is in the repair line at SL.

- St-Denis 18-031 was on route 103. New farebox.

- SL 18-066 was on route 190. Moved to Lasalle? If yes, they can keep it!

- St-Denis 18-082 was on route 105

- 22-292 was on route 105 and there was no Balios. The whole piece had been removed so we just see the wires and... a 105 pancarte in the windshield!

- Legendre 22-394 was on route 202 and outside SL garage after. New farebox.

- Lasalle 22-403 was at SL all-week long. Was on 215 friday and saturday.

- Anjou 24-222 is still at SL. Was on route 225. (Had been at SL for a while, now. So as 24-223.

- Lasalle 25-229 was inside SL garage saturday.

- 26-001 was on route 215 with a new farebox. It's an extra from Legendre (5:45 AM)

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14-050 should be Legendre, yes.

12-005 is a Legendre bus.


15-101 was doing the 93. It needs a new paintjob and the driver's vent is from a LFS.

22-350 was doing the 139 with screwed up destination signs. It wasn't screwed up yesterday....

22-353 was doing the 139 tonight.

Anjou's 12-086 as Hors-Service on Pie-IX. I'm surprised this one was running today!

15-111 was doing the 31 today.

The driver who was driving 26-037 on the 80 had some mental issues. He started pointing at the car in front him angrily and whispered obscenities at it. He also kept fidgeting around a lot. Okay... :P

18-084 was doing the 80.

23-201 was doing the 80 too.

26-045 was doing the 141 today.

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Yesterday, after having obtained a transfer from a Metro dispenser, then connected to a bus without incident, and then later, with plenty of time remaining on the same transfer, the driver on the next bus I boarded said that the transfer had different letters (preceding the time stamp) on it than the one for the day and different than the ones on HIS bus transfer dispenser--which he showed me. In other words, my transfer was no good, and I had to pay my fare all over again to this second bus driver!

Naturally, I told the second bus driver that the first bus driver hadn't pointed out this "error" to me, but, of course, he simply said that the first bus driver hadn't been paying attention.

It was the first time this had ever happened to me. Evidently someone in the Metro had apparently not adjusted that particular transfer dispenser machine to show the correct letters-for-the-day. I can only imagine that anyone else unfortunate enough to have used that Metro transfer dispenser that day had the same problem.

I wonder if this has happened to anyone else in this forum? Obviously, a passenger would have a difficult time proving he or she wasn't attempting to cheat by using an out-of-date transfer, and nothing short of going back to the source Metro station and pointing out the errant dispenser would prove who was right.

There ought to be some way a passenger can know immediately if transfer dispensers are updated before walking away and assuming they are. The notion of walking up to another passenger and comparing transfers could be problematic for various reasons.

Maybe that's why I often see some people trying different transfer dispensers in a station--something which is officially not allowed, apparently!

Once years ago it had happened to me where the BUS transfer had its 24-hour time stamped 12 hours wrong, ie., showing 0100 instead of 1300, etc. Fortunately, that particular incident was resolved rather quickly as several passengers arrived at the Metro changeur's booth with identically-incorrect transfers, so he had no choice but to allow us all through. Then, of course, many times it happens that the transfer's ink is so light you can't see the lettering at all!

At times like this, is it no wonder passengers become frustrated and try to beat the system whenever they can? :-(

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