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Today's Sightings

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We all know what this is! :P

Well I start it off.

Frontenac's 14-059 was doing the 161 today, got on it too. Great ride.

St. Denis's 22-352 is doing the 15 now.

22-423 was signed up as the 211 at Atwater.

Mt. Royal's 18-015 did the 15 at 6:30pm today, got on it. It has all new windows, those black ones on top of the old frames. They all have the new STI Storm-Tite Indrustries handles, the same ones as the 2nd gen LFS'.

More Sightings:

St. Denis's Balios equiped disk 14-087 was doing the 535, with it's disk on :) but the wrong icon, it had the Express instead of the Diamond. Pic see my avatar.

Legendre's 14-173 was doing the 121 this PM rush, it has the GFI farebox.

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Good luck. I got 13-015 on the 420, but I have a pic of it on the 171. So, it's either SL or an LA bus.

Its not LA's we only have 13-098, 13-099 and 13-100. So i guess its SL's

EDIT: Speaking of which i should mention how Mystic and I saw 13-100 parked at Youville while wating for 14-008. 13-100 is one damn fine looking bus! WOW! Looking great after its rebuild but i wonder whats wrong with it to have been sent back to Youville?? :)

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Anjou's 15-009 was doing the 506 today.

Ya with my American Choppers driver lol. What a nice guy, i got it at ANG at 4pm exact. Then my sis got it going the other way after i got home. (Matt's gonna be mad cause some stupid Cavalier kids stuck gummy bears all over the ceiling in the back as well as the window, hand strap, and a couple of poles.) The bus is also starting to gather a tiny bit of scratchiti and a bit more (but cleanable) grafiti on some windows and seats, so i think the bus has been in LS to long. Keep in mind two Classic lovers were on this bus and were sorta pissed, myself and the driver. But the kids were only 12-13 years old AT MOST, so what can u do.

Unfortunatly i had to break my two day streak this morning of not being on any LFS! By getting on 16-134 on the 106, (old style seating riddled with hand straps throughout). But im gonna try to start the streak again starting this afternoon with 15-009 lol.

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Tonight's Night bus sightings leaving ATWATER at 02h30am. Sighting's by SMS.

  • 17-050 doing the 358
  • 23-219 doing the 371 (SMS got on it).
  • Finally 25-205 doing the 350!!! (This is very interesting because i spotted it doing the 106 all night long previous. This could be possible overtime by that driver since the 350 tends to usually be a different bus and driver other than the 1h06 departure of the 106 at ANG for ML. USUALLY)
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Thatnks David for posting the sightings as requested; other sightings last night was the southbound 371 (Decarie/Vezina) was 24-210 IIRC and my 382 was 22-258 IIRC. This was the first time that I used night buses out of New Cote Vertu terminus... meaning that I haven't taken the nightbus home in 1 1/2 years...

Today's sightings taken with David as we did some cool busfanning today:

15-031 on 186 with farebox

21-204 on 189 with farebox

Smartassness on 86, 24-286, with farebox

22-223 on soon to disappear 87 Marien (you have till Sunday to ride it), with farebox

22-224 on 48, with farebox

16-040 on 44, last 16 with original ovals at front, with farebox

13-016 as an extra on SB 44, with farebox

24-307 of SL on LA's 173MB

And as I returned home with 15-129 on the 215,

13-007 on the 206 after PM rush with Armand behind the wheel!

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Today's sightings taken with David as we did some cool busfanning today:

Smartassness on 86, 24-286, with farebox

What time did you see it? I saw it at around 14h on de la Rousselière and de Montigny.


  • RTL smartassness with 20521 doing the 21 at 14h16

Also seen at Carrefour Richelieu in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu:

  • 535C04, a NovaLFS with a Déry Toyota rear wrap on route 31 Grand-Bernier
  • 52404, a 30' Nova RTS WFD on route 32
  • 34904, a Nova RTS on route 96

Also took a drive to Ste-Angèle-de-Monnoir and saw a Canadian Car intercity coach. It looked like a IUCD-35A. And also went to check out the old Western Flyer coaches at the motorhome repair place in Longueuil. They seen to be model T-32s. And there's a Blue Bird bus also. They are all painted brown.

Of course, these are all buses that have been converted into motorhomes. :P Too bad, I would've liked to see a CanCar IC coach in the FHTCQ fleet, but there are no more side windows.

Before you ask, there will be pics on my site available at the latest Tuesday night. Check out the gmnewlook's gallery topic in the Website Notices & Promotions forum. :)

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