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Whoops! I totally forgot that this could've been looked up on the Wiki! Sorry guys!

But yeah, thanks for the help. I should've mentioned that I only really wanted the year they were built.

According to the CPTDB Wiki ...


... the Novas are numbered 169 -> 194.

169-176 are 2003.

177-182 are 2004.

183-188 are 2005.

189-194 are 2006.

As for their exact delivery date, I am not 100% on that. Sorry.

Hope this has been some help!

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I have been to the Guelph garage to day. I spoke to the Supervisor, and he said that 135 136 are really 1985 and 162 are retiring soon.

I also saw a NEW Classic. It looked like one of the Ex-UTA Classics.

The NEW buses are coming in April and September.

Really? Upon looking at the roster, there's already some 1990 MCI's from Utah. Is this another batch of them?

And as far as new buses this month and September, would they be more Novas?

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I was talking to a bus driver I know, and I told him about my visit to the garage.

He said for me to come back to the garage in September to possibly see some New Flyers.

I guess Guelph is buying some New Flyers.

What will they look like in the livery?

This is not the first time I have heard this rumour, I have heard that they did purchase 6 Flyers for delivery in 2008, I had assumed it was a fake rumour when I heard Guelph allready recieved 2008 NOVAs, This should be interesting to see if they actually do get some Flyers, Hopefully Guelph will get a new livery for them ! its time for an update.

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