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Vancouver general sightings and notes

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R7138 running Run 2 of 351 Crescent Beach. Not sure if that's special or not, but doesn't happen too often. Is that an all day RTC run or a morning tripper only?

N3257 on 44 UBC this morning. Freaked me thinking NVTC was doing 44 runs, but then realized that this was a loaner to RTC, so not a special sighting at all.

I have a feeling this is actually 2/490 (doing a 49 from RTC). I know a driver from Richmond that does the 49 and he said that there are a few 351s, 488s, etc. done in the morning by 49s before they go in service.

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Well Sunday morning I was out bright and early to try and get some Cool looking early morning shots. Well I didn't want to go to Surrey Central or Langley so I decided to go to Metrotown and shoot some Novas! Well I'm sitting around at Metrotown and what happens to pull in? R9274 signed up 430 RICHMOND EXCHANGE.I click a few shots and jump on the bus. I rode it there and back and talked with the driver. Seems with my bloody luck the bus is on a tripper off of the 601 line group :D He said this happens every Sunday morning. But since it's not a everyday sighting I'll post it here.


A new arrival to STC 7498


Also a extra one for everyone. New Flyer, Nova and Orion all lined up in a row.


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I remember seeing V7252 at Joyce yesterday, at about 4:30pm...........then saw the same bus again at Brentwood as a 25 at about 7pm!


26/041. Afternoon short run. Departs Joyce Stn on a WB 41 trip 1641. Upon arrival at UBC, departs as a 25 eastbound to Brentwood. Terminates at Brentwood 1852, returns to VTC.


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