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Vancouver general sightings and notes

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From the Transit-Vancouver yahoo group:

Join us on a Mystery Tour of Lower Mainland transit landmarks aboard 3106. Sunday, September 15th at 12:00,

departs Patterson Stn.(Bay #3)

Reservations and advance payment strongly recommended... but

walk-ups are OK with a $2 surcharge. (NO CHANGE GIVEN.)

Duration approx. 4 hours


Member $10

Non-Member $12

Senior $6 ($8 Non member)

Accompanied Children (5-17) $6 ($8 Non Member)

The fare type is determined by the passenger making the

reservation. That is, if he or she is a member, then all people

traveling in that party are charged the member fare.

Visit www.trams.ca for details and reservations. Note that you'll need either a PayPal account or credit card to make a reservation. When you have paid, you'll see a link to download your ticket. Download and print it.Bring it with you on the day.

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Never say never. It's happened before and it will happen again. A long time ago there was a late night trip on the 401/410 that came off the 601 line group. I seem to recall it would do a 410 first, bound for Steveston, passing Richmond Centre sometime around 1:40 am, then leave Steveston as a 401 Garden City around 2. Sometimes when I was waiting for the last 401 One Road that left Richmond Centre at 2:25 am, I'd see that Orion go by in the other direction.

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So last night I saw Orion P9262 unloading passengers at Lougheed Stn around 830, was and odd sight.

ODD because TCOMM had it on the 555 all day until 22'55. Between 8:29-8:37 it was on layover. So it could either be...

1: Terminate at Lougheed for unknown reason

2: Secret trip between for a 10 minute round trip.

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I'm not sure if this is a special sighting or not but I spotted R9276 doing a 401

R9276 didn't go on the 401 at all this past week.

He isn't on crack (shocking I know), I checked Tcomm shortly after this post was made and 9276 was showing as a 401, it was evening showing on NB. But, it wasn't giving me any block information, or trip times.

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Common enough. Each day I encounter at least one. I ride about 6 buses per day on average. Most common problem is 'out of top stock'. So the farebox is not really 'broken', just out of paper stock. Generally a road services person or road supervisor fixes the problem on the road. Because a farebox issue does not jeopardize the actual bus operation, it is not something that warrants a changeover.

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