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21 hours ago, patrickst said:

I've noticed that every time that the Lakeshore East line has no service, the 900 (and GO's 92 and 96) are chaos. Since the shuttles run direct from Durham to Union, anyone travelling Durham-Scarborough is forced to take the 900, with insufficient 30-min headways on a good day.

Not sure if that's the whole reason, but definitely part of it.

That was definitely cause for the high volume of people particularly at Meadowvale and Ellesmere. I'd imagine there would have been passengers left behind with even larger crowds at Centennial College. Maybe it's time to do away with the 900B and have all buses service Centennial. 

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1 hour ago, Highway of Heroes said:

It is not my photo but here are 6136, 6138 & 6141 that got delivered to DRT Westney Garage.


Diesel or electric any ideas?

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