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One of the new 2020 NovaBus LFS, just arrived Monday! Not sure how many we are getting this time around, right now we have 2, 2001/2002 with rumour that we're getting 4 more but I can't be sure! Got a look inside, has some differences than the 2015-2017s do but I won't ruin the surprise for you guys! 

Barrie Transit 2001.jpg

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One of the new 2020 NovaBus LFS, just arrived Monday! Not sure how many we are getting this time around, right now we have 2, 2001/2002 with rumour that we're getting 4 more but I can't be sure! Got a

Cimon8000 I got to drive this bus today for training. Drives very very nice!! Very smooth and pretty quick pick up. Taken in the garage before we left for the day. 

Just got back from the Barrie Fair shuttle with a couple friends. 1703 was our bus. Unlike the 2012 and 2013 routes where the bus took Essa Road to 20th Sideroad, this year because of the closure at A

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Route 100C/100D will resume on weekdays starting June 15th and extended to cover Saturday to supplement 100A/100B. Previously 100C/100D ran only on weekdays. 

https://www.barrie.ca/Living/Getting Around/BarrieTransit/Documents/Route 100 Brochure Update (Effective June 15 2020).pdf

It would be nice to resume Route 8 to regular service too (30 minute headway), but it would require additional resources since they don't work by implementing for one side. Noting the northbound section has the higher demand where as the southern section, it is lower. If they only implemented 30 minute headway on the northbound section, it would require 2 additional buses. 3 more to cover the south-end.

Johnson Street is known as a hotspot. Especially once seeing one scheduled bus and two backup buses to cover the demand. Once the final passenger disembarks and the scheduled bus running at safe capacity, backup bus goes out of service and heads to where needed. Most of the demand is from the students and usually, they get off at Walmart. Though I have seen Route 8 buses reach seated capacity even in a few stops or the downtown terminal. 

Final comments:

Rear door boarding continues until July 2nd (tentative) pending safety measures and city faculties reopening (only places to buy monthly passes). It has been in-effect since March 20th.

Hourly service was implemented formally since April 6th. It is going to be a very staged approach since if the scheduled bus is full, they would request another bus to pickup who is left behind. Which the seating is operating at half capacity with the accessible area blocked off. 




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Concept of operator shields in the doc attached. If it doesn't work, here is the link to access:


Essentially, the shields are similar to what Go Transit employs on their buses. Noting they are still working out how to address ride cards since operators have to handle them to clip a ride off the card. Especially since handling multiple during each shift, there is still plenty of usage in this fare category. Noting that they were trialing smart cards for a small group of college students which would be a solution to address the issue.

Fare paid services are now aimed to be resume in mid-July pending the design and installation for the entire fleet. Once a date is confirmed, there will be a minimum of two weeks notice. To prepare and transition people to regular services. 

Final comments:

For the monthly pass holders for March, the agreement is most likely going to be an exchange for the new pass or a refund. I assume is filling out a form providing the pass and they will mail a cheque for the prorated amount. People who got an April pass would just be refunded the full value.

May and June were not available. I still have my March pass waiting to be traded in towards a new pass. 

200622 Barrie Transit Update.pdf

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A new PA announcement has been pushed out to the next stop announcement system to notify people of the mandatory mask policy on July 13th. I don't have the exact wording, but it is pretty much stating that masks are required while taking public transit. Which is played at random intervals where as previous service change announcements, they were played when approaching a transit hub.

Free transit and rear door boarding continues until further notice. It is stated it will continue until mid-July, but it also hinges on when the barriers arrive and installed on all buses. The date the measure was implemented is March 20th along with taping off every other seat.

Hourly service has been in-effect formally since April 6th. Between March 17th until April 5th, it was pretty much a mixed bag since some routes were reduced to hourly and some were running regular service (30 minutes versus 60 minutes). It is unsure when 30 minute regular service will be brought back. Noting the college is doing remote learning (online) for the upcoming semester reducing transit demand. 

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A new PR code has been added saying "masks required." Which takes effect on July 13th (my last post). Plus they are replacing the old service notice card on every other seat with a new version. 1502 has it currently on all seats including the blue seats (accessible area). Don't have a photo of that area. 

Here are some photos. Will update when possible (night trip had a huge crowd).



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