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LA Transit - Lethbridge, Alberta


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6 hours ago, armorand said:

So I WAS right! I posted in the Calgary section about a D40LF in an auto yard around there, but had no means to confirm or do further research, especially since I only saw it on my way to work from the SE and currently relying off tickets to get to/from places without my uPass anymore... I also never grew up in Calgary, so i'm still figuring out all of the hiding places for buses around here, still. :P

I wonder if they're going to scrap it then? Or repurpose? The other cars in that lot looked rather scrapped and rusty, and the D40LF isn't at Big Rig or another place of its sort...  so kind of curious if its going to be scrapped, sold off, left to rust or refurbished in some way?

I should mention it was driving along 52 Street so who knows

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