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Stupid commercials...


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1 hour ago, FutureHeartsJunkie said:

Here's one commercial that I had discovered recently:

I really like that actor (Patrick Stewart) who played that character from Star Trek TNG (FYI, TNG = The Next Generation).

I recognized his voice from Avery Bullock on American Dad. Especially hearing him talk in this commercial (Patrick Stewart). 

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There was commercial that thought to be from a transit authority that shows two people doing Yoga while watching the instructor on the video but as the video buffers, it was supposed to show something that is happening. 

That ad - turned out to be a commerical from Bell (Canada) promoting that "Better video needs faster upload speeds" (or something like that).

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Yesterday I saw a commercial for Subway where a woman (or based on reddit terminology, a Karen) kicks soccer balls at people ordering/eating non Subway food. First a Pedo now a "Karen".

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While this thread hasn't "got off the ice" in a while (pun intended), this Uber Eats commercial (although this ad is catered for the Quebec-based market) features two notable legends:

There's also a French version of that commercial too.

I wish that there was an Uber Eats commerical that features a dominiatrix (mistress) and an unlikely person: a female gamer/streamer. The dominiatrix will say, "Tonight, I'll be eating Gluten-Free Spaghetti with Impossible Meatballs and organic marinara sauce." As for the gamer/streamer, this is what she'll say, "Tonight, I'll be eating Chicken Bulgogi with rice noodles." After they got their meals dropped off, the mistress asks something kinky - but her efforts stopped short by the gamer telling her to "Nerf This!". 

If you folks don't understand what I'm trying to visualize, that's okay.

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