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Does anyone have any uptodate info on the fleet in St.John's?

The only information I have is from here. Are the 2001 Nova's still the most recent buses or have other buses arrived since then?

EDIT: I did some Googling and found this. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/newfoundland-labr...robus-adds.html, So can anyone say what the new buses were. and will be later this year?

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Was in St. John's a week ago and saw Fishbowls 8201 (in special scheme) and 8207, 8208. A number of MCI's in the 87xx range, a couple of RTS (2001) and at least one numbered 860 (I presume to be a 2008).

Didn't ride but was impressed at condition and those that were working the steep hills of downtown sounded in excellent shape.

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I'm glad to hear those fishbowls are still alive and well! Their fleet impressed me.

There were no RTS' there when I visited 2 years ago, just fishbowls, Classics, LFS' and a few Orion Vs.

St. John's doesn't have RTS. Newest fleet are the 2007-08 LFS.

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Pardon my report - I get confused over the new bus types. The new St. John's buses I saw 759 (I think) and 860 appear to be similiar to those operating in Montreal and unlike buses operating in Toronto and Mississauga. I also forgot to mention St. John's has an Orion V (93xx I believe).

And yes, somewhere in the 3,200 photos my wife and I took I believe we have photos from St. John's, St. John, Fortress Louisbourg, and Halifax. Just will take a few days to get them uploaded here.

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Those would be the LFS'. Those fleet numbers however should start with a zero, and be four digits long - like 0860, for instance.

Can't wait to see your pictures! (Especially the Halifax ones :lol:)

If anyone wants to see those St. John's LFS, it's on Youtube.com where a bus enthusiast does video already of it.

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And here's proof that they continue to use a 4-digit numbering system.

Here's 0150 on Route 3A on Water Street


Had also seen 0756 but no good photo.

St John's Transportation Commission (METROBUS) Current Fleet Roster

8201,8205,8207,8210,8211 1982 GMC T6H5307N

8714-8722 1987 MCI TC40102N

8923-8926 1989 MCI TC40102N

9027-9030 1990 MCI TC40102N

9131-9133 1991 MCI TC40102N

9234-9238 1992 MCI TC40102N

9339-9343 1993 ORION V

9844-9846 1998 NOVABUS LF40102N

0147-0152 2001 NOVABUS LF40102N

0753-0756 2007 NOVABUS LF40102N

0857-0861 2008 NOVABUS LF40102N

Hope this is of interest!


Bob Hussey

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