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A very reliable source has confirmed that Sarnia Transit has purchased Durham Region Transit # 8050 (2003 Orion V). It will be interesting to see this bus in service in Sarnia but it probably means th

But in true Sarnia Transit fashion, they used an Arboc on the College Express route today.   But yes 164 is staying around until 2022. Our EZ Riders need replacing first. They're all pretty

164 seems to be a favorite on the 10 South Vidal. It was nice to see a real bus back on that route. 043 has not been out but is still sitting as a back up.  

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It's called a roster. A roster is a detail listing of bus fleets for any transit system.

yes, I know what a roster was, but I thought this roadster was a new thing.

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Buses 771, 911-913, 921-923, 961 and 972-974 are in the back. 891 and 901 are gone from the yard along with the older Fishbowls. 791 is still active as it has been out on a day camp run. 971 with is an ELF and 975 which looks like a Blue Bird style are still active. Bus 201 should be retiring in the next year or two. Bus 071 should be arriving soon.

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Hi "Mike". I have photos of Sarnia transit buses for you to keep 152 quiet for a little while.

I will post them around next week after my trip to the garage.

That's great. If you could email them to me - it would be great. My email is at the bottom of the page on my site.
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Hey Everyone Somebody ask me this and mabey sombody on here can answer this is sarnia transit building on to the Garage

Are you trying to say 'Is Sarnia Transit expanding the garage?'

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