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4 hours ago, SDGBusFan said:

No, not that I know of. Some units are in worse condition than others, but still in operable condition as they all passed MOT inspection in July. Some example's include 0971, where the rear Destination Sign is inoperable and has been for over a year, as well as has some paint peeling off, covered up by spray paint (which if I might add is a brilliant solution). I personally haven't seen 0973 since mid-to-late October, so that could be an indication that that unit may indeed be in the worst condition. 0869 might be another unit that might soon be done for, as it hasn't been in service all to often, and 0869 was utilized as a cooling solution of the Care Centre Issue. (0869 can be viewed in the header picture of this article: https://www.cornwallseawaynews.com/2020/07/23/city-provides-support-to-care-home-residents/). Back onto topic, 0972 hasn't seen service all to often, so in my opinion the units that could possibly (don't take my word as this is just opinion and sightings) be retired first are, 0869, 0972 and 0973 as 0868, 0870 and 0971 have both run most recently. Again, this is all suspicion and facts. 0868 and 0870 have both run EXTRA on the 1 - Pitt last week, and 0971 just recently ran the 12-series Business Park last week, leading to my belief of the remaining units might be in the worst condition. 

Makes sense.  Last time I saw 0973 it was still burning oil like crazy.  Stank up Riverdale when it went by.

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On 12/5/2020 at 5:34 PM, 2822 said:

Was looking at the tracker and it seems the VI's go out on Saturdays on regular routes. 9882 and 0971 were out today with the rest of the buses being LFS.

Sometimes yes, the VI's do go out on ''Conventional Routes''. For the most part recently, they go out on the 3 - Montreal/Brookdale when needed. I've seen 9881, 9882 and 9887 all run that route recently since the Pandemic has started. It seems when a 40ft. is needed and a Nova is unavailable, they'll take a VI off the ''Industrial Park'' Runs, and allot it onto the needed run. On Saturday's since the ''Business Park'' route does not run, they'll just put a VI on whatever run when needed as they sit idle.

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Just an thought for why the EZ Riders are not in service (too often):
I presume it's to allow social distancing among passengers.

Social distancing is not easy on small buses like the EZ Riders.

Therefore I assume Cornwall is strategically using Orion VIs and Nova's for conventional service more often than the EZ Riders, due to our pandemic circumstances. I personally don't mind it, as it increases the chance of coming across one in service.

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Well that's a wrap to the 14-Business Park Route!


As of Monday (2020-12-14), the 14-Business Park route does not run anymore. From around Mid-September, Cornwall Transit added 2 new routes to the Business Park. 12 and 14 Business Park. 19-Business Park had already existed and was known as the Cornwall Business Park. 


The 12-Business Park would leave Pitt & Second Industrial Stop at 2:15, 2:50 and 3:20pm to Olymel, Olymel and Harmony and Olymel, and the 14-Business Park would leave Pitt & Second Industrial Stop at 6:15am, 3:15 and 4:15pm to Olymel and RDC, Olymel and RDC and Ridgewood. The 19-Business Park (the Original Cornwall Business Park route), left Pitt & Second Industrial Stop as follows: 6:15, 6:45, 7:15, 7:45, 8:15am and 2:15, 3:15, 3:45 and 4:15pm. For the midnight shift change, the 12-Business Park would leave Pitt & Second (Main Transfer Terminal) at 23:15.


Now, as of today (2020-12-14), only the 12-Business Park and 18-Business Park remains. The 19 was changed to the 18, but stops, times and route remains the same. The only change was the route number. The 18-Business Park leaves Pitt & Second (Industrial Stop) at 6:15, 6:45, 7:15, 7:45, 8:15am and 2:15, 3:15, 3:45 and 4:15pm.The 12-Business Park now leaves Pitt & Second Industrial Stop at 6:15am, 6:45am, 2:15pm, 2:50pm, 3:20pm and leaves Pitt & Second (the Main Transfer Terminal) at 15:55 and heads  West towards the Garage. For the Midnight Runs, the 12-Business Park now leaves Pitt & Second at 23:15 and arrives back at 23:45, and ends service for the night. 


New Destination Signs (new as in September) for the Business Park include: Business Park *flash* to Olymel, Business Park *flash* to Olymel and RDC, Business Park *flash* to Olymel and Harmony, Business Park *flash* to RDC and Harmony, Business Park *flash* to Ridgewood and Business Park *flash* to Second & Pitt.

In August of this year, I encountered 0971 displaying the route ''Olymel'', with 0972 behind so with ''Cornwall *flash* Business Park). It appears at that time, 0971 was a Supplementary Route to the employee's of Olymel. As of September, the code ''Olymel'' is not used, and buses running to Olymel use the appropriate code.

Before the added routes, the 19-Business Park route would display Cornwall *flash* Business Park. This code is still used, once the 12-Business Park departs Pitt & Second (Main Transfer Terminal) and heads West towards the garage, the Unit switches from Business Park *flash* to Second & Pitt to Cornwall *Flash* Business Park, and finishes route by turning Right onto York, Left onto 5th, Right onto Cumberland then signs ''Not In Service'', and then deadheads to the garage, terminating the route for the afternoon.


In my personal opinion, this route was very nice to have. For a lot of the time, Cornwall Transit would have all 3 VI's on the Business Park routes, and was cool to see all of them out in service at once. Although from a Business aspect, the route was a failure. The route never seemed to have a lot of people (on average 1 to 2 getting on Pitt & Second, 4 to 5 getting off at Pitt & Second). Still, it was pretty nice to all 3 VI's out in the afternoon, and in fact you could get 2 at once (depending on allocation) at 3:15 (the 14 and 19). Units I've seen running the 14 include 9882, 9887 and 1794. 


In short, the 14 is now gone and the 12 has absorbed the 14, and the 19 is now the 18. Good Riddance to the 14!

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It appears that the new Arbocs have arrived.  I saw one out on Saturday afternoon.  It has a new livery, they've added a thin green lining under the blue lining to match the colours of the City of Cornwall logo.  Kind of reminds me of North Bay Transit's livery....

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New Arboc Handi-Transit Buses with Cornwall:

The three new Handi-Transit buses have arrived and are in-service with Transit. Numbered 2096, 2097 and 2098. An inside view of the AVL system and the buses can be viewed here:



License Plates for the units are as follows:

2096 - 260 4BL

2097 - 260 5BL

2098 - 260 8BL


Yesterday, (Thursday, April 1st, 2020), unit number 2097 was running the 4 - Riverdale all day.

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Just a few observations made on the new order of Arboc's. All are bike rack capable, with at least 2096 and 2097 bearing bike racks. 2098 has been untraceable and in Handi-Transit service, more than likely. All are gasoline engines, as standard with Arboc SOM orders 2017 and current.


Along with the Arboc order, Cornwall has also picked up a new Transit Supervisor vehicle. A Ford Explorer, (or might be a 'Police Interceptor') vehicle. Same scheme as the new Arboc's with the 'Way to Go' Logo, but has Transit Supervisor along the vehicle. 

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