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A. Wong

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your interest in the CPTDB wiki. We have decided to create a "signup" process for members that wish to have editing access to the wiki.

Please reply to this topic if you would like to become part of the Wiki Editors group.

Please note that it will take some time to add users, so if you can't edit immediately, do not panic. There still needs to be some guidelines here as well, so no new members will be added until the guidelines are complete (hopefully within the next few days here).

Users who cause trouble or post inaccurate information on the wiki will have editing privileges revoked.

Thanks, and happy wiki-ing. :)

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Count me in for the fleet rosters as I have quite a few on Excel.

Also the HongKong ones too, but I don't know if you guys want those here. LOL.

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