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Got some new information. 8070-8072 will be straight diesels, while 8073-8090 will be hybrids.(yes, there are 3 more buses on order that we just found out about, 21 buses total).

Also, the new east end bus terminal will be built this month across the street from tecumseh mall(west) and south of rona, where the green field is behind the lube shop. The actual address is 7310 Tecumseh rd east. Shovels will be in the ground this month. Also the expansion of the grace terminal on the west end should be starting soon, I dont know when they should be starting it specifically.

Soon there will be a 40 million dollar expansion of the garage. specific details I know are only that there will be 3 new lanes for bus storage on top of whats there now.

Im assuming the new routes will be starting at some point by the end of year. And 2023's ridership was 9.5 million, a new record high!

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