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20 hours ago, laliok said:

Sorry about the poor photo quality but I spotted 1950 in service today.


Yeah 1950 has been active for a bit now, saw it back on August 10th and 1951 this past Saturday.



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So... 1950 was already in an accident, today. No injuries, but it lost some paint on the front end. It was running it's usual NRT 70, at the time, and was sideswiped by Brock University.

Not the best pic, but 1151 was sent to cover the route.


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1950 has officially re-entered service on regional runs. However, 1951 has sustained minor body cracking following some sort of collision. The back right corner has been duct taped back together.

1155 was reportedly backed into a wall at the garage, as well. Damage sustained was determined to be a large hole in the back right corner, next to the blinker.

Right now, the only vehicle in the fleet that has not been in a collision of and kind is 1174.

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