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LACMTA 2008-2013 NABI Metro 45C Compobus and 2007-2008 NABI 60-BRT retirement tracking thread


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Hey everyone, to keep up with the retirements of the LACMTA NABI Metro 45Cs and 60-BRTs, I provided a separate thread so we know which ones are retired at the moment, and which ones are still active presently. The replacements for the 45Cs are unknown yet, but presumably BYDs as the Silver Line Compobuses are starting to be repainted into the iconic orange Metro Local livery while the buses from BYD are currently on delivery to Metro. The 60-BRTs might also be replaced by BYDs, but the ones that are used on the Orange Line replacement are the XE60s.


Retired NABI Compobuses (2008-2013, 8100-8649)

8100-8216, 8218-8338, 8340-8341, 8344, 8348, 8363, 8400, 8402, 8409, 8517

Retired NABI 60-BRTs (2007-2008, 9500s)

I don’t think any are retired at the moments but I will update it accordingly


Metro recently repainted some of it’s Silver Line Metro 45Cs which including 8352, 8358 and some others. I believe they are based out of Division 13 now


Sadly I don’t have auction dates for these buses, but will update accordingly if sources are found


Majority of the retired NABI Compobuses are scrapped

8517 was involved in a recent crash when a hijacker took control of the bus. The suspect boarded the bus and the victim (bus driver) was held at gunpoint. The suspect forced the bus driver to drive to multiple locations. The hijacker then ran multiple lights before crashing into the side of the Ritz-Carlson Hotel. The suspect was later arrested, having kept the gun onboard the bus

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