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27-5XX/28/29XXX Retirement Watch/Sightings


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Today's sightings:

28-018 En Transit at Henri-Bourassa/Marie-Rollet (15h45)

28-031 on the 171-W at Henri-Bourassa/Bois-de-Boulogne (7h25)

28-076 also on the 171-W at Henri-Bourassa/Acadie (7h22)

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23 minutes ago, West Island Transit Fan said:

28-008 was on the 24 this morning running out of Frontenac.


It's very interesting, because this bus, (belonging to Saint-Laurent), around 1 week ago, was doing a lot of Anjou's lines, and now since a few days, it's running Frontenac's lines. 

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Today : All sightings berween 15h40 and 15h45 

27-525 : En Transit going north at Henri-Bourassa/Bois-de-Boulogne

28-043 : En Transit at Henri-Bourassa/Marie-Rollet

29-0X2 : On the 179-N at Henri-Bourassa/Acadie (I turned my eyes too fast, and I wasn't able to read if it was 29-022, 052 or 062). 

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