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Current TTC Wraps


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17 hours ago, Kelvin3157 said:

581x fully wrapped for Amazon Prime

The same wrap 607X had back in March 2020 (timing couldn't have been better, since the pandemic had just begun which directly led to the skyrocketing of online shopping)?



Edit: nvm, it's a totally different wrap.

Screenshot_20220824-172144_Video Player.jpg

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It's been many months since I was in Downtown Toronto, and it surprised me how many streetcars are now carrying full ad wraps - I'd estimate probably in the range of one-third of the fleet. Some of the ones I was able to photograph:

4427 (Public Mobile)

4466 (Amazon Prime Video: The Rings of Power)

4467 (Nordstrom)

4516 (BetRivers.ca)

4530 (Pokerstars Casino)

4533 (BetRivers.ca)

4594 (Herschel)

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The number of wrapped cars aren't actually that high. Probably just 10% of the fleet. They are cherry picked to be on a certain route. Like 4571 AskJeeves wrapped car is usually on the 506 last month (it is on the 504S ["521" Ex to King/Church] today). TTC is currently secretly operating the "521".

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