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I thought it was established that posting wraps more than once isn't something important like rebuilds or retirements. There is no list that I know of that is for wrapped vehicles, and there are so ma

That's 5465

The general procedure in this thread is to report any sighting of a wrapped vehicle until such time as it's no longer wrapped.

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On 7/16/2016 at 6:43 AM, leylandvictory2 said:

i know there is a alrv with a yellow wrap.  I don't know the exact fleet number.  Based on educated guess, it should be 4209.

I can confirm 4209 does not have the yellow wrap. 

4205 has the Lottery Scratch ticket yellow wrap.  (see attachment).  

As of today the following cars still have wraps.  Obviously there are more but they are the only ones I spotted in the past 2 days.


4203, 4205, 4208, 4223, 4230, 4408, and 4409


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#1223 | Ghostbusters [53B STEELES EAST]
#1257 | USA Tourism [36A FINCH WEST]
#1335 | Scotiabank [84B SHEPPARD WEST]
#1715 | Ghostbusters [39 FINCH EAST]
#7468 | Ghostbusters [43B KENNEDY]
#8313 | DanActive [196A YORK UNIVERSITY ROCKET]


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I have a new list of streetcar wraps.

4111 Royal Ontario Museum

4161 and 4191 Heinkein.  

4203 Express Jeans @ Eaton Centre.  

4212 Kudo

4220 and 4223 Joe Fresh.  

There may be one more streetcar with a new wrap.  I couldn't catch the fleet.  I only saw it for a split of a second.  


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