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Curious photo of the custom air intakes made to filter the ashes expelled during the 1980 eruption of the mt St Helen's and prevent ash from getting sucked into the car engines.


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The Ms Walk in Ottawa had a visitor from Renfrew County 

Here we see 4570 tending to some walkers. 




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On 7/4/2007 at 8:47 AM, BCT-3122-D800-10240 said:

A few shots of an Ex-Saskatoon 1982 Orion I 01.504 in use for the Saskatoon Fire Department. Enjoy!




Apparently the board lost the above images in my post from about 10 years ago^^^^   


I do not have the original prints for these photos. I need to find the negatives for these and have them reprinted. So these are not very high resolution images but at least they got scanned at some point. Here they are again and Enjoy! December 2003 in Saskatoon.

1203saskatoonfire62.jpg 1203saskatoonfire62a.jpg 1203saskatoonfire62b.jpg

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