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Fack Cancer!!!!!!


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Hey everyone don’t know if anyone else has to deal with this crap but I have cancer, actually brain cancer. 
mine is inoperable due to where it’s places in the brain, it’s too close to all the major functions that controlled like talking, walking, etc.  

Originally I was given 6 months but this week I’ve celebrated 7 years.  I’ve completed 30 rounds of radiation treatment and currently started my 3rd years worth of chemo treatments. 


I’ve been pretty lucky so far but the last 8 months have gotten tougher. Lost vision in my right eye, hearing in my left ear. Can’t drive anymore and have to use a walker or cane to get around. Most days I’m on the couch watching tv or playing a game(cities.skylines lately again) I miss my old life. I was a mechanic for CKtransit miss the drivers and other crew and workers we had. Since Aboutown closes up a lot of drivers have retired or moved on to other jobs and I don’t get out as often to meet the current ones. 

I guess what I’m getting at is don’t take stuff for granted. I would do anything to be able to work again or be able to travel to see other buses(I do when I go to the cancer clinic in London) I have a hole in my head so that prevents me from doing much. Plus some days I just sit on the couch because it’s all I can do. Hope everyone has a great day :D  

picture is of me in Alberta when I was 8 yrs old on a 19 day trip across western Canada. i went on with my dad who drove for Chatham Coach for 30 yrs and continued to manger of CK transit til his retirement. Buses have been in my blood my whole life. 


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