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Scottsdale Thomas HDX's Auctioned

The XDE60

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Since last October, Scottsdale Unified School District had been auctioning their 2006 and 2007 Thomas HDX school buses. Whom bought some of these former 900's buses after their sales?

October 2021

  • BB-905-05 (1T7YT4A2261272234, plated G591DH)
  • BB-910-05 (1T7YT4A2161272239, plated G592DH)
  • BB-927-05 (1T7YT4A2271278424, plated G193DK)
  • BB-928-05 (1T7YT4A2471278425, plated G802EJ)
  • BB-942-05 (1T7YT4A2471278439, plated G161DK)
  • BB-943-05 (1T7YT4A2071278440, plated G190DK)
  • BB-954-05 (1T7YT4A2571278451, plated G806EJ)
  • BB-955-05 (1T7YT4A2771278452, plated G807EJ)
  • BB-956-05 (1T7YT4A2971278453, plated G155DK)
  • BB-957-05 (1T7YT4A2071278454, plated G156DK)

May 2022 with BB-939-05 (1T7YT4A2971278436, plated G189DK)

August 2022

  • BB-902-05 (1T7YT4C2961269926, plated G557DH)
  • BB-904-05 (1T7YT4A2461272235, plated G156DV)
  • BB-907-05 (1T7YT4A2661272236, plated G590DH)
  • BB-932-05 (1T7YT4A2171278429, plated G798DH)
  • BB-934-05 (1T7YT4A2X71278431, plated G192DK)
  • BB-936-05 (1T7YT4A2371278433, plated G196DK)
  • BB-941-05 (1T7YT4A2271278438, plated G198DK)
  • BB-944-05 (1T7YT4A2271278441, plated G191DK)
  • BB-947-05 (1T7YT4A2871278444, plated G803EJ)
  • BB-951-05 (1T7YT4A2571278448, plated G804EJ)
  • BB-962-05 (1T7YT4A2971278422, plated G796DH)

The term "plated" means the bus' license plate number with SUSD48.

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