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Bus History Association 2022 Convention - Omaha and Iowa City

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After an absence of two years, the BHA will be holding their 2022 convention in Omaha and Iowa City from Wednesday, June 8 to Saturday, June 11. 

The attached documents contain all of the information to register. Even though the deadline has passed for booking the hotel in Omaha, the hotel is still showing availability online with rates similar to what was quoted for the BHA.

There is still time left (and space available) for people who wish to register.


2022 BHA Convention Registration.pdf BHA 2022 Hotel Information.docx

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The BHA convention in Omaha/Iowa City worked out very well, despite the somewhat lower attendance figures. Only 22 people attended, but I think it will be some time until we see normal sized convention attendees due to Covid. Many people are still hesitant to travel, especially via airplane.

The attached photo shows the group in front of a restored TDH-3612 in Omaha. We were given a short ride on this bus around the garage. We also were able to ride an XN60 on the ORBT bus rapid transit system. 

After a day in Omaha, we took a 3 day bus stop to Iowa City (two nights in Iowa City). This format worked out well and the BHA will apply it to other locations in the future to allow for more areas to be explored.

The 2023 convention will be the weekend before Father's Day and it will be in Moncton/Halifax. The format for this convention has not been decided but we will probably make sure of a multi day bus trip. Hopefully people will be more open to travel in 2023 and attendance can get back to normal. More details on the BHA 2023 convention will be provided early in the year.


BHA Group 2022 Wednesday - 08JUN22.jpg

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