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Manitoba Transit Photography


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Figured I'd open up a dedicated thread for photography, so as not to clog up the main "Winnipeg Transit and Area" thread. I'll open it up with a shot of Winnipeg Transit 947 on the 68 (first time a D30LF's been on the 68 since the pandemic), and Winnipeg Transit 232 on Route 92, both this morning.
508687348_P1210049(2).thumb.JPG.9980c20a92aa97dcf446c22227718d6c.JPG 486109078_P1210058(2).thumb.JPG.a68cebdcad6104aaa558aea24a00c25d.JPG 797005254_P1210063(2).thumb.JPG.ad50b334428a48cbf9ab5c7222b2e36f.JPG

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17 hours ago, Mark Walton said:

From June 2011 BHA convention in Winnipeg: Beaver Bus Lines RTS 62 on Graham Avenue, and early-1970s vintage sign on North Garage. Both photos mine.



Thanks Mark.  Always liked the "SELKIRK MB" destination sign on the Beaver buses.  I'm sure there were a few occasions over the years where passengers intending to go to the town of Selkirk mistakenly boarded a WT route 16-Selkirk bus on Graham,  and were somewhat surprised when their bus made the left turn from northbound Main St to westbound Selkirk Ave !!

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14 hours ago, Mark Walton said:

Last trolleybus at North Garage, October 30, 1970. I was aboard, I'm visible in the picture, inside behind the driver, an old-timer wearing cap badge # 12. I wrote about it for the book "Tires and Wires". Winnipeg last day pamphlet circa 1970 (trolleybuses.net)

There is still one original trolleybus left here in Winnipeg. 1768 is parked at the Fort Rouge garage. 

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