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In 2019 a new service was launched out of MSP, Landline. Landline is basically an airport connector shuttle. Major connections in the MSP market are MSP - Duluth DLH, MSP - St. Cloud STC, and MSP - Mankato MKT. Additionally they have expanded into the Colorado market, connecting Denver International DEN with Loveland FNL. Unlike the typical airport shuttles one feature of Landline is a partnership with airlines to allow for thru booking. Currently the have an agreement with Sun Country Airlines. A Sun Country flyer can book a ticket from or to Duluth for example, to any of the Sun Country destinations. That ticket will include the Landline service to/from Duluth to MSP Terminal 2 in the ticket price. It appears United may have a similar setup with the Denver-Loveland line.

Initially when Landline started, motorcoach operations were contracted with Lorenz Bus Service. As part of the deal Lorenz brought in some new Van Hool CX-45 liveried in the grey Landline scheme. They also wrapped a couple of their existing coaches in the Landline scheme. I was able to get a couple snaps but unfortunately never really captured most of the fleet.

49463346457_17da4544af_t.jpg 49267829311_f2864774ff_t.jpg

During the 2020 C-19 Pandemic situation, Landline cut back on services a bit due to decreased demand, and also assumed operations internally. Currently their motorcoach fleet consists of Prevost H3-45 and MCI J3500.

I suspect the Prevost fleet is at least 6 units 2818-2823, plus potentially another recent addition, however I've only been able to confirm 4 so far based on sightings at MSP and two (2818, 2823) in a Loveland news video on Youtube. The J3500 fleet seems to just be two units, through there could be more.

51768009474_6cd22bf36d_t.jpg 51324249412_3fd4a724fe_t.jpg 51269060048_5817fdf35a_t.jpg

Website: https://landline.com/landline/

From what I've noticed, the service seems to be getting a decent amount of passengers. I regularly see the Landline coaches dropping off and picking up at both MSP terminals. I've also seen their vans and limo SUVs regularly, those seem to be run on the Mankato and St. Cloud services currently and are individually scheduled.

I've also added a Landline page in the Wiki, this includes the VINs I've tracked down: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Landline

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