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Lowell Regional Transit Authority updates


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Per my Contacts at the LRTA That The Lowell Regional Transit Authority in Lowell MA has 2 2022 Gillig BRT 35’ Hybrids on Order the numbers will be 2201-2202 and these 2 New BRT hybrids will Be replacing 2 2010 Gillig Standard Low Floor Hybrid Electric buses 1001-1002 as they will reach their 12 Years in service in 2022


And also to note Is that the LRTA has 4 2022 Arboc Spirit of mobility 28’ low Floor Cutaways on order and the numbers are 2203-2206 these will be replacing the 4 Remaining 15 series coach and Equpment Phoenix high Floor Cutaways numbers 1507 1510 1511 1512 as they have reached there 6 years in service In 2022



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