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White 798


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Thought I'd throw in some information on an older bus. According to this source, the White 798's measurements were 96 inches wide and 35 feet long. It also says the transit-style 700 series used 96 inch width and suggests the 1100 series was 96 in by 35 feet and received a diesel engine towards the end of its run (I presume in the later 1150?). So you don't have to scroll thru the whole article i grabbed some excerpts:

"In 1937, the company introduced an urban transit model, the 700 series.  It was 96 in wide and came in 30 and 35 ft lengths."

"The longer 35 ft 798 model continued in production until 1948, when it was revised as the 1100 series.   An updated front and option of a Cummins diesel (in 1951) to replace the thirsty gas flat 12 were the major changes."

Also some info on the White flat-12 gas engine: "What was most unique about this model was its power train – it had a White 464 cu in, 165 hp horizontally opposed “pancake” 12 cylinder gas engine mounted amidships underfloor.  It made for a bus with (relatively) snappy acceleration."

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